new shedNew and Improved

We have a new bath house! Construction was begun late October of 2011. The old "North" bathhouse was demolished down to the sand, forms were built, plumbing was laid and concrete was poured. Then the snow and the temperatures started to fall. But fortunately March brought temperatures in the 80s! and the cement block walls started to go up. The building has, beyond the usual sinks and toilets, a cathedral ceiling, beautiful earth-tone tiling throughout and private shower and dressing stalls.

In addition, September of 2011 saw more campsite improvement projects this time on the South end of camp. Trees were cut to allow easier access to sites and new trees were planted in better places. An experimental hazelbrush privacy screen was planted as well. Sites # 1-6, # 12-13 and the beach were leveled, terraced and grass seed was planted. The fantastic October weather helped the grass get off to a good start and the early spring certainly didn't hurt!

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Welcome to Lake Chippewa Campground

lake chippewa campground quote Beach your boat or canoe right outside your RV's door...Picture the unobstructed views of the water and the incredible seasonal foliage colors...Enjoy playing with your children at the water's edge...Imagine catching your limit before breakfast, then frying them up fresh from the lake...You can do it all, and much more at beautiful LAKE CHIPPEWA CAMPGROUND.

Come and stay where the water meets the trees, in one of the most incredible campgrounds in the country!

Lake Chippewa Campground, set on an island, right in the heart of Wisconsin's Northwoods. lake chippewa campground quote