Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hook ups do you have?

Most of the sites have 20/30/50 amp electric service and a water hookup. 52 sites have sewer hooks ups in addition to the water and electric. There are 11 sites with no hook ups.

Do you sell fishing licenses?

Yes. We can sell any type of license, stamp, or park pass that the Wisconsin DNR offers.

Do you take credit or debit cards?

No, but we do accept regular paper checks (out of state also) and of course, cash. There is an ATM in the lodge.

Can we put up an additional tent (camper) on our campsite?

Your dependent (i.e. living at home, student, unmarried / without significant other and without children of their own) children can set up a tent on the same campsite without any extra charge. If there are more than 4 adults and 3 vehicles on the campsite a second campsite would have to be paid for. Rental units cannot have any other sleeping facilities set up on the same site.

We prefer that campsites are not doubled. This is to reduce wear and tear on the grounds and so as to not crowd the neighbors. If you are given special permission to double a site, the second unit pays the same nightly fee as the first.

What time can we check in to our campsite?

Check-in begins at 11:00am  and check-out is by 1:00pm.  If you would like to get directly on to your campsite without waiting, we suggest arriving after 1:00pm , especially during peak season. Check-ins that arrive before 11:00am pay for the previous night.

What time can we check in to our rental unit?

We try to have all rentals ready for check-in by 3:00pm at the latest.

Do you allow dogs in the rental units?

Only in the camper cabins, thank you.

Is there electric on the docks?

Electric is being phased out of docks. We encourage everyone to look into solar charging.

What about reservations?

We begin taking reservations on January 1st, yes, New Years Day, by phone, at 8:00am, no matter what day of the week it falls on. You are welcome to send an e-mail starting at midnight. They will be answered, starting at 8:00am, in the order that they were received. Be aware that emailing is a MUCH slower process.

Please know your dates and camper size. Having access to a camp map, a pen and also a calendar that is not on the phone that you are using is helpful in case your original dates and/or site are not available and you need to consider alternative dates or areas.

The other helpful thing to have is patience. It is an incredibly busy day and there is one phone line.